Press Release •  2022/03/15

Corteva Agriscience helps protect South African wheat with Aubaine® 518 SC herbicide

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A pre-plant, pre-emergence treatment herbicide that effectively controls resistant wheat crop weeds

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, March 15, 2022 Corteva Agriscience has brought its latest crop protection solution, Aubaine® 518 SC herbicide, to South African wheat farmers. Aubaine® 518 SC provides pre-plant, pre-emergence, or early post-emergence control of wheat crop weeds, particularly in regions that experience widespread winter rainfall. The product contains active ingredients chlortoluron and isoxaben, proven in local trials to be a unique and successful combination in the fight against ryegrass and certain types of broadleaf weeds.

“One of the biggest frustrations for cereal farmers is Lolium spp (ryegrass) that is resistant to herbicides, the good news is, this not the case with Aubaine® 518 SC. Not only is the solution a powerful deterrent, but it also plays a significant role in effective herbicide resistance management,” says Henry Hoek, Category Marketing Leader, Corteva Agriscience. “With Aubaine®518 SC, wheat producers can mitigate the risk that weeds such as clover and musk herons pose, helping to increase yields and enhance profitability. We are proud to be able to cater to local needs with this launch, providing hands-on and trustworthy expertise as well as industry-leading and innovative products to market, all while walking the journey together with our farmers.”

Aubaine® 518 SC herbicide is available for purchase as of today; contact your nearest crop adviser or visit Corteva's website for more information.

Corteva’s global scale, coupled with its localised research and customer relationship focus, are helping to maximise the productivity of its innovation and deliver needed solutions to farmers around the world. Developed with sustainability in mind, the company’s unrivalled pipeline of crop protection innovations is designed to address resistance, reduce residuals and work in synergy with the company’s seed products. Corteva molecules and formulations feature properties such as low effective use rates and favourable environmental impact. In 2020, Corteva Agriscience also launched two new post emergence wheat herbicides, Quelex™ 200 WG and Tarzec™ 320 WG, that will help wheat farmers in South Africa effectively manage broadleaf weeds and grasses.

“Corteva Agriscience aspires to help farmers produce the food society will demand, in the way that society demands it. With Corteva as their partner, farmers have effective seed and crop protection products that the market demands today, and the solutions that will optimise their profitability for tomorrow,” says Henry Hoek


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