Press Release

Chlorpyrifos Phase Out

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20 February 2020

Chlorpyrifos is an important piece of Corteva™ Agriscience’s rich history of developing innovative products that help provide a safe and abundant food supply to nourish the rapidly growing global population.

As Corteva™ Agriscience, we strive to continuously evolve our product portfolio to ensure we are supporting and creating value for our customers. While we still fully endorse the outstanding performance of chlorpyrifos, we have concluded from a purely business perspective, that our company will no longer manufacture these products after April 2020. A gradual phase out period will follow during which we fully support our customers on all Chlorpyrifos related matters. Registrations in countries that expire before or after the completed Chlorpyrifos phase out will not be renewed.

Corteva has one of the largest and most diverse product pipelines in the industry.  We have multiple exciting, upcoming brand launches that will address the needs of  all  our  valued customers. We believe that our customers will benefit by shifting the focus to the new innovations that will support them on the road to sustainable farming. We do remain committed to our customers with the current forecast and demand for Chlorpyrifos and will deliver on our supply commitments up to end 2020, while assisting in the transitioning to other innovative products  in  the pipeline.

We commit to continually work with agricultural stakeholders to provide important crop protection technologies and solutions to farmers throughout Africa and Middle East. Corteva is committed to enhance the lives of those who produce and those who consume, for generations to come.

Please do not hesitate to contact Stephan Marais ( for any clarification.