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Competition closes 30 November 2020


Step 1

Capture a picture or video of one of these species using your smartphone, tablet, or digital camera.


SOYBEAN Plant Part
Organism DISEASE NAME PATHOGEN Leaf Pod Seed Stem Root
Bacteria Bacterial blight Pseudomonas savastanoi pv. glycinea          
Bacterial pustule Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. Glycinea          
Bacterial wilt Curtobacterium flaccumfaciens          
Fungi Alternaria leaf spot Alternaria tenuissima & A. alternata          
Anthracnose Colletotrichum spp.          
Brown spot Septoria glycines          
Cercospora leaf blight Cercospora kikuchii          
Downy mildew Peronospora manshurica          
Frogeye leaf spot Cercospora sojina          
Fusarium seed rot Fusarium spp. (F. oxysporum, F. carnatum)          
Powdery mildew Erysiphe diffusa & E. glycines          
Red leaf blotch Coniothrium glycines          
Soybean rust Phakopsora meibomiae & Phakopsora pachyrhizi          
Sclerotinia stem rot Sclerotinia sclerotiorum          
Target spot Corynespora cassiicola          
Phytophthora root & stem rot Phytophthora spp.          
Pythium seed rot, damping-off & root rot Pythium spp.          
Rhizoctonia root rot & damping-off Rhizoctonia splani          
Sudden death syndrome Fusarium virguliforme          
Beetle Bean leaf beetle Cerotomatrifurcata          
Larvae Corn earworm Helicoverpa zea          
Armyworm Spodoptera ornithogalli          
Dectes stem borer Dectes texanus          
Aphid Soybean aphid Aphis glycines          
Stink bugs Green stink bug, brown stink bug, redbanded stink bug Chinavia hilaris, Euschistus, Piezodorus guildinii          
Mite Twospotted spidermite Tetranychus urticae          
Fungus Tan spot Drechslera tritici-rependitis          
Septoria leaf blotch Septoria tritici          
Eyespot Pseudocercosporella herpotrichoides          
Glume blotch Staganospora nodorum          
Aphid Russian wheat aphid Diuraphis moxia          
Rose grain aphid Metopolophium dirhodum          
Oat aphid Rhopalosiphum padi          
Wheat aphid Schizaphis graminum          
Brown wheat ear aphid Sitobion avenae          
Grass weed   Guizotia abssinica (Ethiopia)          
Broadleaf weed Goose daisy Cenia turbinata          
Gallant soldier Galinsoga parviflora          
Small mallow Malva parviflora          
Burr medic Medicago polymorpha          
Evening primrose Oenothera stricta          
Buckhorn plantain Plantago lanceolata          
Prostrate knotweed Polygonum aviculare          
Wild mustar Raphanus raphanistrum          
Wild radish Rapistrum rugosum          
Sheep sorrel Rumex angiocarpus          
Spiny sowthistle Sonchus aspera          
Sowthistle Sonchus oleraceus          
Corn spurry Spergula arvensis          
Chickweed Stellaria media          
Stinging nettle Urtica urens          

Step 2

Send! Photos or videos must be submitted in digital format by sending it via WhatsApp to 064 028 2289 or email to Please follow these tips and guidelines when sending us your photos and videos:

  • Each submission must include the contestant’s name, phone number or e-mail address, the identification of the photo and where it was taken. Submissions not meeting these requirements will not be eligible for judging.
  • Photo entries should be submitted in high resolution (original) file format.

Step 3

Win! The most impressive entry wins. Winners will be announced at the end of each week for one month and will be notified by phone or email.

Terms and Conditions


Before registering as a contestant, please read the following Terms and Conditions below. Then, go ahead and submit your pictures. Good Luck!

Corteva Agriscience™ collects your information for the sole purpose of participating in the contest. Please refer to our privacy statement at for further information. Your personal information (name, phone number or e-mail address, photo or video) will be stored in chosen customer systems primarily hosted in the United States. This information may be shared within Corteva, its affiliates, partners, and selected third parties in other countries for the same purpose. In order to access, amend, delete or oppose to the processing of your information, please contact our Customer Information Centre (272 West Avenue, Lakefield Office Park, Building A, 2nd Floor Centurion, 0158, Tel: +27(12) 683 5700).

  1. You may enter as many photos as you like in each round, however, they must have been taken by you personally.
  2. Prizes are not exchangeable.
  3. By entering this contest, you consent to Corteva Agriscience™ using your photograph in any Corteva marketing material without crediting you.
  4. By entering this contest, you confirm that all photographs entered by you were taken by you and that you obtained the necessary model release forms if applicable.
  5. For the purpose of this contest the term "content" shall mean all images, photographs, videos, depictions or likenesses either in digital format or otherwise submitted to Corteva Agriscience™ for inclusion in this contest.
  6. Corteva Agriscience™ has the contestant’s permission to use all submitted content for promotional use. 
  7. The contestant grants Corteva Agriscience™ the right to store, display, use the content and publish finalist and winning content in all printed and multimedia promotional material indefinitely without the right of the contestant to inspect or approve the final product, including on the Corteva website for the use of promoting Corteva Agriscience™. Rights granted may be non-exclusive.
  8. The contestant shall not receive any compensation for the content other than the stipulated prizes for the winners. 
  9. Corteva Agriscience™ has the sole discretion to select the winning content to crop, edit or otherwise alter the Content as well as remove any Content from its website. 
  10. Content will not be accepted that is determined to be offensive, obscene, provocative or otherwise inappropriate in nature. Corteva Agriscience™ reserves the right to refuse any photograph that it defines as unacceptable.
  11. The contestant certifies that the content submitted is/are their original work and they have never been copyrighted or, if copyrighted that the contestant is the sole copyright owner. The submission of public domain content is prohibited.
  12. The contestant must ensure that they have the written permission of any recognisable person in the content to grant Corteva Agriscience™ the right to publish their content in print media, multimedia and on websites of and other organisations approved by Corteva and they will produce the written permission upon request. 
  13. Copyright of the content remains the property of the contestant. A credit will be provided under your content. Contestant waives the moral rights to the Content in order to permit its use by Corteva Agriscience™.
  14. The contestant shall indemnify and hold Corteva Agriscience™ harmless if the contestant has misrepresented that he/she is the sole owner of the Content or that they have received the written permission of a recognisable model or person to be included in the content.
  15. Corteva Agriscience™ reserves the right to substitute prizes of equal value to the advertised prize should it become unavailable due to circumstances beyond our control.
  16. Corteva Agriscience™ will make reasonable efforts to contact the winners, however, if we are unable to contact the winners, they will lose the prize and the judges may award it to someone else.
  17. The prizes cannot be swapped for a different prize. 
  18. Entries will be judge based on the amount of effort that was put into it.  The judges’ decision is final, and no correspondence will be permitted.  This means that contestants cannot appeal any decision by the judges.  
  19. The contestant must be at least 18 years of age or older to enter the contest. 
  20. Employees of Corteva Agriscience™ are not eligible to enter. 
  21. Corteva Agriscience™ reserves the right to cancel or amend all or any part of the contest and/or the terms and conditions without notice. It is the responsibility of contestants to keep themselves informed as to any changes.
  22. Corteva Agriscience™ reserves the right to cancel or amend the contest and these terms and conditions without notice in the event of a force majeure event or any other event outside of its control.