GF-120™ NF

  • Insecticide

GF-120™ NF (Reg No. L7331) in a selective concentrate bait for control of Mediterranean fruit fly (Ceratitis capitata), Natal fruit fly (Ceratitis rosa), Marula fruit fly (Ceratitis cosyra) and Asian fruit fly (Bactrocera dorsalis) infesting various fruit and vegetable crops. 


  • As fruit flies tend to seek shelter in protected parts of plants (on the underside of leaves and on inside leaves of the canopy), an effort must be made to apply the bait to these areas. This way the bait droplets are also protected against direct sunlight and rain which can extend their effectiveness.
  • Where bait is applied to rows both sides of the inter-row at the same time (as for slanting trellises) the following 2–3 inter-rows can be skipped. Do not skip more than 2 inter-rows for overhead trellises where only one side of the inter-row is treated. The untreated zone between applications swaths should never exceed 10m.




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