Kerb™ Flo 400 SC

  • Herbicide

KerbTM FLO 400 SC (Reg. No. L4065) a suspension concentrate herbicide used for annual winter grasses in orchards (as indicated), canola, grapes, lettuce and legume pastures in the winter rainfall areas.


  • Sufficient rain or irrigation (= 15mm) within 5 days after application in a single deposit is essential to leach Kerb™ FLO 400 SC into the root zone of sensitive weeds.
  • Apply to pre-emergent, or early post-emergent weeds.
  • Best results can be expected when applying to a moist seedbed, after the clods or loose topsoil have been settled by rain or irrigation. The surface should be relatively fine, even, firm and without large clods. It should also be free of excess organic or surface material (dead or decaying weeds, leaves, plant cuttings, etc.)
  • Please note that Kerb™ FLO 400 SC should only be applied in winter. The chemical is more active under cool conditions.