Pixxaro® 266 EC

  • Herbicide

Pixxaro® 266 EC (Reg. No. L11191) is an emulsion concentrate herbicide for pre-plant burndown of broadleaf weeds on fallow lands and selective early post-emergence control of broadleaf weeds in wheat and barley. Pixxaro® 266 EC is a mixture of two synthetic auxin -type herbicides (HRAC group O, WSSA group 4) which controls challenging broadleaf weeds by disrupting normal plant growth.


  • Effective post-emergence control of many common and economically damaging broadleaf weeds in cereals and barley.
  • Low use rates resulting in low environmental load of herbicide.
  • Alternative mode of action to help manage resistant weed biotypes.
  • Rapid degradation in soil and plant tissues allowing for crop rotation flexibility.
  • Favourable environmental and toxicology profile.



Fallow Land