Tarzec® 320 WG

  • Herbicide

Tarzec® 320 WG (Reg. No. L10760) is a combination of Arylex® (halauxifen-methyl), a synthetic auxin-type herbicide (Group O) and Pyroxsulam, an ALS (AcetoLactate Synthase) enzyme inhibiting herbicide (Group B). This product controls plants by disrupting normal growth patterns and / or by inhibiting production of the enzyme essential for production of certain amino acids needed for normal plant growth.


  • Since Tarzec® 320 WG has two different modes of action, resistance is less likely to develop.
  • Applied early post-emergence, to the main flush of actively growing weeds.
  • Tarzec® 320 WG inhibits growth of susceptible weeds. Visible symptoms of dying plants may occur within 2-4 weeks under ideal growing conditions and up to 6-8 weeks under adverse conditions (prolonged periods of extremes in temperature or moisture).
  • Cross spectrum control of key broadleaf and grass weeds in a single spray operation.
  • Safe to crops if used as directed.