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Garlon™ Max 270 EW


A systemic, oil in water emulsion concentrate herbicide for the control of woody plants as listed for forestry, grass pastures, conservation and industrial areas.

Hit® 500 SC


A fungicide (suspension concentrate) for the control of diseases on crops as listed.

Indar® 50 EW


An emulsion (oil in water) fungicide for the treatment of scab of apples and pears and brown rot of stone fruit.

Karathane® Star 350 EC


An emulsifiable concentrate fungicide for the control of powdery mildew in grapes.

Kerb™ Flo 400 SC


A suspension concentrate herbicide for use against annual winter grasses in canola, grapes, lettuce, leguminous pastures and orchards (as indicated) in the winter rainfall region and in lawns and sports turf.

Mezavue 250 EW


A systemic, oil in water emulsion concentrate herbicide for the control of opuntia plant species as listed in grazing, game ranches, conservation areas, forestry, industrial areas and on non-crop land.

Molopo™ 200 GG


A soil applied suspension concentrate herbicide for the control of certain tree and shrub species.

Pallas™ 45 OD


An oil dispersion herbicide for selective post-emergence control of certain weeds in wheat in the Western, Southern and Eastern Cape as well as control of common wild oats in irrigated areas of the summer rainfall region.

Pixxaro® 266 EC


Pixxaro® 266 EC (L11191) herbicide is a post-emergence herbicide for use on all varieties of winter cereals and spring cereals for the control of key competitive broad-leaved weeds, including Chenopodium album, Senecio Consanguineus, and Stellaria media.

Quelex™ 200 WG


A water dispersible granule herbicide for selective early post-emergence broadleaf weed control in wheat in the Western Cape and the summer rainfall region.

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